Family Bodyboarding Lessons
£149(up to family of four) | £50pp after that (for extra family members)

Learn to paddle, duck dive and the secrets of good wave selection with your family and in no time you’ll be tackling unbroken waves and giving them a holiday experience they’ll always remember. Easier and safer than stand-up surfing, you’ll have an absolute blast.

Family Bodyboarding Lessons include:
• Private tuition designed especially for your family with a qualified instructor
• Safety and ocean awareness
• How to gain speed and lengthen your ride time
• Equipment introduction
• Bodyboarding technique and wave selection
• Bodyboarding signals and how to wipe out
• Bodyboarding terminology
• Functional warm ups
• Awareness of other water users
• Basic surf rescues and awareness of currents
• Younger children welcome when parents/guardians are in attendance

CALL NOW (lines open 8am – 10pm): 01637 879571 or please enquire below

Call 01637 879571 to check availability or email and book your bodyboarding lessons today.