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Welcome to Rob Barber’s Bodyboarding School

World Class Coaching Team
Hello to all aspiring bodyboarders! I’m British Team Bodyboarding Coach, Rob Barber, based in Newquay, Cornwall. With my expert team of insured and qualified instructors I’ve been offering bodyboarding lessons since 1997. Qualified lifeguards, we have over twenty years of experience bodyboarding in Cornwall and beyond including fifteen years of worldwide surf travel. Prepare to learn new skills while conquering the most fun sport in the universe . . .

If you’re keen to learn bodyboarding you’re in the perfect place. We can teach you all there is to know about our amazing sport.

novice bodyboarding

Beginner and Novice Bodyboarders

Choose from our wide range of bodyboarding lessons to suit all abilities and budgets, it’s quick to learn and easy to pick up. Learn the basics, overcome your fears, let us teach you to paddle out and catch more waves. Being so close to the water as you drop in to a wave increases the exhilaration and gives you an unrivalled buzz! Book a lesson today.

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professional bodyboarding

Intermediate and Experienced Bodyboarders

Take your bodyboarding to the next level, transform your performance and achieve the perfect style. We’ll have you pulling rolls, airs, spins, cutbacks and move combinations like they’re second nature. Check out our weekends and holidays.

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Apprentice Bodyboarding Lessons | £130 | 3 Lessons (one instructor with five students)              Book our apprentice coaching sessions if you’re keen for...

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The Bodyboarding Experience Day |  £49pp (Full Day) Pack a heap-load of fun bodyboarding into one day with The Bodyboarding Experience Day. You’ll start with...


26 Aug 2017 > 27 Aug 2017
Newquay Coaching Weekend
9 Sep 2017 > 10 Sep 2017
Newquay Coaching Weekend
16 Sep 2017 > 17 Sep 2017
Cornwall Bodyboard Camp
From £149


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May 20/21 – Grab your place now.  Join us this May, on what is set to be our best bodyboard coaching weekend to date!  Spring will...

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We are always looking to perfect our Bodyboard Coaching Weekends in Newquay and we may have just discovered the perfect recipe. For the last...